Saturday, September 3, 2022

Jet lagged Saturday

I got home yesterday morning, took a short nap (unheard of for me, but oh, that jet lag) & then stayed awake until around 7:30 pm. I slept until 8:30 this morning. 

The trip was really hard, as expected. But, it's done, and I advised my manager that I'm finished with my role. My role is hard to fill, so I'd committed to giving plenty of lead time, when I was close to being wrapped up. Check. 

I'd promised myself that I would make an effort to see at least one tourist location in Japan, and I'm pleased to report that I did. I'm hoping this will be my last work trip, and it's unlikely I'll get back to Japan on my own, so I wanted to make the most of it. 

We went to the Meiji Shrine, which was lovely. What struck me the most was how quiet & peaceful it was, right around the corner from the rest of the city. We walked from our office building. The weather for the trip was not great (there was a typhoon nearby, which brought lots & lots of rain, but still very warm weather).

It was absolutely lovely, & I'm so happy we went. Despite the weather!

As for today, I'm hoping to get a few things done:
  • Prep for a pool party Nick's having tomorrow. We've been begging the kids to use the pool all summer, and Nick's finally decided to have friends over, although it's a bigger group than expected. I need to get a bunch of food, and we need to get all of the floats filled up, sweep, etc.
  • Get some exercise, preferably in the sunshine
  • Laundry. I got a start on this yesterday, but have more to do
  • Finish unpacking. Mostly done, but a few odds & ends need to be put away
  • Pick up the Too Good To Go order at a bagel shop. We're out of bagels, and we've been wanting to try this shop
  • Menu plan
  • Costco
  • Grocery store
What about you? What are you up to today?


  1. Guess what I am doing today? If you said packing, filling a dumpster and freaking out you were correct! ;-) Glad you got to see a sight in Japan.

    1. That doesn't sound like very much fun! Hope it's as painless as possible.

  2. Your work trip sounded brutal, but my goodness you seemed to handle it well. Glad to hear it may be the last.

    We are in Pismo Beach with our RV, heading to New Brighton SP in Capitola tomorrow. The central coast weather has been magnificent, and we’ve been walking miles each day in order to ‘earn’ the fantastic food we’ve been enjoying!

    Tamara R

    1. Capitola is nearby! Enjoy the beach - we love that area!

      I'm very hopeful it will be my last. There is another trip to Tokyo in October, but I think I'll pass, given both budget reasons for my employer, as well as the difficulty on the visa side & because I just don't want to go again!

  3. Glad your trip is over and fingers crossed it will be your last one.
    Teens pool parties are always a little bigger than expected. Lots of sun and food is all it takes to be a successful party!

    1. We should have plenty of both! Today's forecast is 94, with the rest of the week at or around 100. Yuck.

    2. Crazy to me is that Capitola and Carmel (where we are headed after Capitola) will be between 78-80 next week, Big Sur will be in the mid to high 90’s all week - how is that possible??

      - Tamara R

  4. I'm surprised your boys don't have it want pool parties all three time. It seems like a good fit with all their sports. I hope you don't get rung ragged. I applaud you setting your work needs up front. Your past travel schedule was overwhelming.

    1. It's some work to get all set up, and we don't heat our pool. This weekend is a great time to have one, both because of the extra day, and because we've had all summer for the pool to get warm. Today, in particular, is supposed to be a hot day, so it will be nice for everyone to enjoy the pool.

  5. Japan is on my bucket list, and thank you for sharing. I'm with you on the job front, setting expectations. This weekend, I'm taking the opportunity to get some much needed sleep.