Thursday, August 6, 2020

It's been a long week

My 13 year old's school announced they aren't going back to in person learning until January (at least). While I understand & support the need to keep everyone healthy, I've been holding out a naive & optimistic hope that it would be before January. It's been really hard to mentally re-adjust. I'm also so sad for my 14 year old, who is supposed to start high school next week. It's quite a different experience to start high school online. I know in the grand scheme of what we're going through, all of this is very minor. But, some days present more of an emotional challenge than others. We also cancelled our 15th anniversary trip in October. Again, I knew it needed to be done, as I would never want my parents to fly here, even if we decided to try out a low-key & safe option near us. So, that's cancelled & we will likely order takeout on the day & then plan for something in the future.

On to other news. I was able to do a virtual happy hour with friends yesterday, the construction projects continue in earnest, and Sam has been doing video chats with his friends in the run up to school starting. I have a bunch of school orientation type activities, that come along with Sam starting high school in a new system, so will need to work through all of that.

As for positive things, here's what we've been up to:
  • Provided lunch for the contractors, as a thank you for a big day they put in
  • Made dinner for a neighbor
  • Volunteered for a school event
  • Donated money 3x for various school things to make the beginning of the year easier for distance learning
  • Signed up to host a charity 5k at work
Just thinking about it as an active step each day makes me more creative, and is a good reminder to myself to do something that I'd naturally want to do anyway. I've enjoyed this very much! I'm hoping I can bake it into my regular routine. 

What have you been up to? Any positive/kind things you'd like to share, to inspire us? Ideas can feel hard to come by during COVID & isolation, so I appreciate the inspiration!


  1. Our school district announced remote only learning until November at the earliest as well. I am disheartened, to say the least. In my mind, this particular district has been looking to become as paperless/virtual as possible for a good many years. Be that as it may, I understand the need to keep the kids at home. If I were a Venn diagram, I'd be right in the middle of all the feelings on this situation. My college student is crushed, idle and aimless. It kills me to see him so downhearted. If this had happened when they were younger, elementary school age, I feel they would have thrived, a I would have totally taken over all schooling. (I wouldn't even touch the online school at that age.) It's so much harder with teens.
    Nothing really positive here, except that I found great homes for all 6 of the kittens the stray cat to find a home for Momma.

  2. I wish things owuld have gotten better-so sad, as we work to support schools, teachers, families, and students. There is no good repsonse becasue the situaiton is not good. I sure appreciate reading people trying to look where there is good. that was very kind ot provide lunch for the workers. I am sure you will be thanked with an extra effort. good luck ot the boys, and you both as parents.

  3. You've certainly inspired me to get myself in gear. My son will be starting virtual his first year of high school as well. I'm just thankful our school gave us a choice.

  4. You are allowed to feel sad and to mourn what has been lost. It's completely normal and appropriate, and it doesn't mean you are being selfish. I do hold onto hope that life will resume a more normal trajectory something in the not to distant future with what feels like the entire world working to develop a vaccine/treatment.

    I wonder though, if our children aren't eating up the extra attention they are getting from their parents during our efforts to remain socially distanced. My very best childhood memories are times spent with family, not so much at school, so perhaps this may eventually turn out to be a bit of a gift for your boys. Different, but not necessarily worse, in other words.