Monday, August 17, 2020

What's new this week?

 Well, today is Sam's first day of high school. I can't believe it. I remember his first day of kindergarten so vividly! I miss the sweet little boy who was so excited to climb on the monkey bars at the elementary school.

Online learning will be very different, but here we go! We've been talking a lot to Sam about ensuring he understands the expectations of high school, & how grades matter, etc. A lot of that initial goal setting is hard for the school to convey given the remote start. Some must have trickled in, because when I went to tuck him up last night, he was reading his biology book. :-)

The boys also start socially distanced soccer this week. They will be wearing masks & following the required protocols, which include: six feet apart at all times, no scrimmages, no body contact, team "pods" that are broken into much smaller groups, & no games of course. We'll see how they feel about these changes. They both need the exercise, so here's hoping it's fun & enjoyable, although different.

As for me, I really need to refocus on my calories. The first few months of the pandemic, I was consistently losing 1/2 a lb a week by keeping my calories at a very manageable level, and working out every day. I've been able to maintain the working out every day, but my calories have slowly crept up by 150 or so a day, which has stalled out my weight loss. I would like to lose between 10-20 lbs & generally feel a bit more toned up & like I'm carrying less weight around. Not having a kitchen has made this a bit more of a challenge, as I grab lazier snacks vs going through the effort of prepping healthier options.

That's it from our side. What about you? What does this week bring?


  1. I feel for the weight and helathy eating. Ever since I committed in wiritn gin the blog for a fake 40 poits goal by Christmas, but a happy with 10, I've actually put two pounds back on. I think a lot is water retnetion as I am so dehydrated and the heat has me just thick every where! Next week after we get the college kid, I might intentionaly log off two nights by 4:00, drive to the lake, where I know I can swim, and do so for a few hours. Yes, it is along drive just to swim, but swimming is what works for me. I think school have figured out th eon-line better, and how tomake it more interactive. I hope it is succcessful for Sam.

    1. I love that plan. It's both carving out personal time for yourself, and aligning to something you really enjoy. It also sounds peaceful. :-)

      Sam's school has so far been incredibly well organized. Nick's school. . . less so. I'm giving a lot of grace, because this is new to all of us, but it's hard when they are clearly trying but making it challenging (e.g. sending out the first time ever text book info on a Friday night at 6 pm for a mandatory Monday am slot). I'm working & it's hard to juggle. More notice is awesome! :-) Oh well, I'm guessing the kinks will get worked out these first few weeks. *Fingers crossed*

  2. Our schools aren't starting for another 3 weeks or so. My dd only has 1 class via the district, the rest are via the community college. She will be just fine. Girl...well, I'm going to have to get her mother to get her to keep up with the work. Let's just say that family doesn't quite value education as we do. As for my h.s. sophomore, I am concerned. He has a schedule of classes which were not designed to be taught online. There is no substitute for in person learning, and, thankfully, our teachers know this. The administrators on the other hand...I am starting to see just how little the administrators in this district think of their faculty in the light of all this. Our schedule is M/Th odd periods, T/F even periods for Google Meet (or whatever platform they will decide to use when they get around to using it.) I am not sure how I am going to get 2, and then 3 all online at the same time without one knocking the other off. Of course, when I mentioned this to the district rep. who phoned me to ask about our connection (as she did all the others in our area) she said "Well, can't they just use their I-phones?" I had to inhale about 3 times before I responded. I am trying to put on a brave face, but I am nothing short of disgusted with our district.

  3. Congratulations to the new high schooler! I hate his first taste of it is not typical and I hope case numbers decline so kids can have a regular school experience!
    Son3 came here and lost 10 pounds. I found half of them.

  4. We have a couple big things: JB's first week of school, I am shorthanded at work, and ... There was something else but I can't remember it. I hope it pops up soon or I'll start climbing the walls trying to remember. We are in super mail mode, too, needing to make up all kinds of cards for so many people: birthdays, thank yous, just checking in on you...