Monday, August 3, 2020

Menu plan Monday, plus other miscellany

Can't believe it's Monday already. The weekend went by, lightning fast. Here's what's on the menu this week, and yes, this is definitely uninspired. The frozen meal options are really low these days!

Sunday  - we had grilled burgers
Monday - baked chicken + salads
Tuesday - hot dogs
Wednesday - leftover grilled burgers
Thursday - tacos
Friday - any leftovers, or pizza if not

And, in the vein of helping others/kind deeds:

  • I wrote a letter to my parents, thanking them for their help this summer with the kids. Not only was it incredibly helpful to us during COVID & while we were remodeling the house, the investment they've made in having an incredible relationship with their grand kids is amazing. 
  • Wrote a letter to my godmother (a close friend of my deceased grandmother) who is quarantined at home, and quite lonely. I haven't seen her in a few years, so gave her some updates on our family.
  • Dropped off cleaning wipes to a neighbor who can't get out much & needed some

What about you? What's on the menu for the week? Any positive actions you'd like to share? 


  1. I write letters, yes, letters, to long distance family members as well. I know I love receiving their responses in the mail, and I imagine they feel the same. Letter writing is a lovely act of connection.

    1. It was fun to write the first two. I'll have to dig through my options for others, as it's such a rare habit. Love that you do it regularly.

  2. I collected all the hand towels from all the bathrooms at the lake place, washed and rehung them. Rahter than take home, and then bring back, they are all rset for th enext cabin user to enjoy.

    1. That is awesome, Sam. I know exactly what you mean about leaving it ready to go for the next visitor.

  3. I am trying to do nice/kind things but I am having a hard time thinking of them daily since I am so isolated.

    1. You are hosting your family, which presumably involves a lot of gracious hosting! :-)