Saturday, August 15, 2020

Saturday happenings

 It's hot here (100+), which is unusual for the bay area. We often get one hot day, but rarely a few in a row. When it's hot for multiple days, the house has no chance to cool down, of course. We do have A/C, but have contractors generating quite a bit of dust in various parts of the house, and have plastic sheeting hung from floor to ceiling to both contain the dust, and increase safety during COVID. 

Luckily, we have two thermostats, as our house is set up in an L shape, and the bedroom side can have A/C even when the living area has to remain off. We try to be frugal, but when it hit 80+ in the house yesterday, turned the A/C on & it was delicious. 

I woke up late this morning & need to get out for a run. Unfortunately, I've already passed the reasonably cool window, due to sleeping in, but need to make it happen.

What else is happening today?

  • I accidentally ordered tomatillos from our produce box, so I think I'll be making salsa verde today, as I have all of the other ingredients.
  • Need to list a few things on eBay
  • I must clean the bathrooms. Because we are using the bathrooms for dish washing (insert sad face), they get much dirtier than usual. 
  • We'll be setting up our various learning areas for next week (Sam starts school)
  • I need to make a menu, & M will go to Costco
  • I have to get a card put together for my dad - it's his 70th birthday next week! I wish I was there to celebrate, but will keep him safe instead by not traveling. 
  • I also need to clean our outside fridge. We have a new fridge for the kitchen, so once that's moved in, we'll sell or donate our outside fridge. 
That's it from our side. I'd love to get in the pool, but we won't want to be in the way when people are working, so potentially this evening.

What about you? Is it hot where you are? What are your plans for today?


  1. That is very hot-I haven't really talked to my on about the heat at all but I now southern California is in a heat wave as well. I've had an odd weekend back and forth to lak-about to go again in a few minutes.

  2. We're about 88 degrees here, very hot for our SoCal coastal area, particularly with humidity added in.

    We spent the day hunting down tile for our upcoming bathrooms reno project. Four bathrooms in all, so deciding what to put where has been quite the ordeal. I know, the definition of first world problem.

    1. I can relate! My husband is the tile selector, although he usually gives me a few options to choose from, once he's narrowed it down. I find myself surprisingly not super fussed, as long as it's within my general style. He & I are generally aligned, and I'd be happy with almost anything he'd pick.

    2. Same here, but with the roles reversed. Yeah for at least one flexible partner!