Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Weekly Wednesday - Week 3

I'm trying something new this year, and will be checking in weekly on my goals (or, that's the hope), with an eye towards paying attention more regularly to my progress.  


  • We're close to being able to achieve our mortgage 1/2 way point goal. We'll wait until our refinance closes to complete this, but I keep making small payments with all of my side hustle. I paid an extra $280 this week, through extra budget money & side hustles. 
  • I achieved my monthly side hustle goal of $200, and have made $210 so far for the month. Woohoo!
  • No clothing purchases for myself

  • In lieu of traditional date nights (made challenging by COVID), M & I picked up our wine again (we were behind in December, we normally don't go 2x in a month), sat by the pool & had wine together, and another day played cards & had cocktails
  • I'm largely off the computer (minus reading) by 7:30 each evening
  • I'm working on plans for both February break & Spring break for the kids. Options are really limited. I don't want them at home, playing games all day, or on electronics much at all. Everything is closed near us, so I've been researching options that might be available. Most our weather dependent, but fingers crossed there is both good weather, and a few fun options for each break. 

  • I haven't lost any more (1 lb so far this month) & I've run a total of 5 times. 
  • I had one not great day, but otherwise I'm doing really well at tracking my calories & have been working out each day. The not great day was the result of having a lot of blood drawn (I was very overdue for a variety of lab work) & having to ingest a drink for a test that made me nauseated. I came home & didn't move much & certainly didn't work out. Also, I ate all of the carbs & nothing super healthy. The rest of the days have been much better. 
  • I'm making progress with my food allergy/stomach issue. I've had a doctor's appointment, completed about 1/2 of my lab work (too much for one appointment), & have a follow up with my doctor to discuss the results. 

  • I'm practicing Spanish most day
  • I've been consistently: volunteering, doing a virtual girls happy hour, & journaling
  • I've been pretty spotty on the crafty stuff, still
  • I'm always a work in progress on the improve myself bucket (judge less, listen more) but have made really good strides on the "stop swearing". I've added it to my daily checklist (I mark off days when I haven't sworn & I'm 18/21. Considering one of those days was the Capitol Riot, I'm feeling pretty good about my progress. 
  • I'm continuing to think of things I can do for others. 

What about you? How are you doing on your monthly or yearly goals? Any progress you'd like to share, so we can cheer you on? Or, challenges you're having, so we can crowd source ideas? 


  1. I'm not doing well on my health goals at all-but I am seeing where I have bad habits and patterns. That will be my focus in February. I'll be interested to learn what you com eup with for spring break activities for the kids.

    1. I'm experimenting with intermittent fasting, and will report in on my experience. In some ways, not having any food is easier than debating with myself on when & what to eat. It also has other health benefits that are beneficial with lupus, so checking it out.

      Fingers crossed that by April, we will have fewer lockdown restrictions!

  2. You are doing well and it is probably a great to review goals weekly. I am especially impressed with 18/21. I am not sure I would make it 1/21!

  3. I was so sore after my first day of the exersice video I took two days off. I mean I could not walk without limping when I got up. I am so ashamed to say I am that out of shape. I could easily walk 5-7 miles, but I have no ab strength.

    1. We've all been there! I took a pause on one of my strength videos, and tried it again recently & couldn't lower myself down to a chair or ...the toilet. It was not awesome.