Sunday, April 4, 2021

Embrace the moment

Today I'm remembering all of those Easters with tiny boys, eagerly anticipating the Easter Bunny, & hunting for eggs. 

And, normally, I might be sad about the early morning soccer game, followed by math tutoring & tennis, but instead, I'm embracing it. Parenting teens. Life with a 14 & 15 year old. We still did an Easter egg hunt, but I really need to up my hiding game for next year. 

The morning started like this:

And, after soccer, we did squeeze in an egg hunt between activities. I'm embracing these moments, because they are fleeting with teenagers. 

I'm off to plant more seeds in our planter box, because spring is a time of hope, even for those of us with a black thumb!

Happy Easter, to everyone who celebrates. 


  1. As a mom to no more teens, your post hits home-like a punch. It was just yesterday when I look back, not decades ago, to Easter egg hunts and little children.

  2. Embrace every second, they will be grown and on their own in the blink of an eye! Happy Easter.