Saturday, April 10, 2021

Sonoma Saturday

 My parents arrived on Thursday, Nick had his first day of in person school on Friday, and then we headed to Sonoma. (The kids stayed with my fabulous parents.)

We had a lovely lunch yesterday, went to a tasting room & sat in the sun, and just chatted. We talked on the drive from our house to Sonoma, at lunch, and at the tasting room. Alone time has been so precious this last year, so even the time to just catch up has been such a gift.

We chilled for a bit in our room, walked around & then had dinner. We definitely aren't used to eating that much in a day, so I'll remember that for today. Dinner was so delicious, & we've been lucky enough to be able to eat outside for both lunch & dinner. 

I'm going to try & get photos to share today. We're heading to my favorite winery in a few hours. It's escaped the wild fires not once, but twice, and both have been very close calls. You can buy the wine locally, but my favorite type isn't sold in stores, so I'll hope to pick some up while we're there & support the winery.

It's very strange to be masked up in a hotel, but we are so appreciative of being able to be out & about a bit, even with the restrictions. 

My parents report that Nick had a great first day of school, and then went on a long bike ride with my dad, while Sam finished up his day. A lovely day all around for everyone.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful weekend plan, regardless of where you may be!


  1. So lovely all around to read this! I hope you'll share which wineries you visited as we go to Sonoma frequently. Our favorite winery in town is Williamson Wines, right off the square. Free tastings and small bite pairings, at least pre-COVID. And their fig balsamic jam is to die for.

    And so wonderful to read that your boys are back to in person school. What a crazy time we've all been through!

    1. We ate so much balsamic onion fig jam. We love Bravas restaurant. My favorite winery is Chalk Hill, although I love Ferrari Carano & Kendall Jackson. They are all so beautiful.

  2. I hope you got to the winery. Enjoy your visit.

    God bless.

  3. Lucky you- love Sonoma. My son lives in SF and daughter lived there until August. Whenever I visit, we go to Sonoma. We like to picnic at Larson's with the kids. I haven't been to visit since November 2019. I'm glad your boys are back in school- GD (7 in June) is still being homeschooled but she has really flourished and will be going to a Friends school next year. GS is only 2 1/2.