Tuesday, April 6, 2021

March Goals Recap

March was the month where the boys activities picked up quite a bit & we adjusted a a busier life again. There have been a lot of adjustments, as sports conflicted (school soccer & club soccer are typically intentionally during opposite seasons, but due to COVID, are happening simultaneously). It's all good, and this is a brief period of time, but it's busy, busy, busy!

Our big win for the month was finally getting our mortgage to the 1/2 way point. 

Here's how I did on my goals for March:


  • Stick to the budget - Yes! We did well on both dining out & groceries this month. I'm very happy about this, as it's been tough to bring our grocery budget back under control during COVID. 
  • Make $400 in side hustle - I ended at $386, which I'm happy with
  • No clothing purchases for myself - I bought two very needed new bras, and two new dresses. After losing weight, i replaced a few & donated a couple of others. 
  • Pay down our mortgage to the half way point - YES!! Done! I'm now working on the next milestone of 75%.
  • Plan & budget or the next house project - we know we're going to add shelving in the garage, but haven't gotten further than that.
  • Plan one fun activity with the kids - so, so many soccer games. We need a family game night soon
  • Off the computer by 7:30 each evening - mostly, minus reading
  • One "date" with M - yes, we went to lunch & a wine tasting during our bonus vacation day
  • Make a video for M's parents, or send photos - sent pictures
  • Finalize summer plans - about 1/2 way there, thanks to some unexpected changes (more on this in April goals post)


  • Lose 3 lbs - I lost 2 
  • Run 10 times - yes, 10 exactly
  • Track calories, eat a balanced diet - I struggled more with this in March & need to figure out better strategies to dealing with stress that don't involve eating the kids Easter candy
  • Complete 1,300 minutes of cardio, & daily strength & posture challenges - 1,375 of cardio, & I'd give myself an 85% success rate on the strength & posture
  • Meditate 15 times - 13/15
  • Intermittent fasting, 3x/week - missed one, but otherwise all good


  • Practice Spanish at least 20 days - yes
  • Do something social with friends - yes, I did a few hikes & an outdoor meet up with a few other friends, plus a virtual happy hour
  • Daily check ins & support of volunteer job - yes
  • Write & journal regularly. Try fiction writing for at least 30 minutes - yes
  • Shoot for no swearing for the month - I've had a couple of curse worth days, but otherwise yes
  • Crafty - finish two more hats for the homeless - no progress
  • Achieve a total of 400 "points" on my daily checklists - I came close, with 395
  • Continue to look for opportunities to help others daily - yes, & I liked the renewed focus. I donated to a charity a neighbor was gathering items for, made a few financial donations, signed another charity up to receive a corporate match, and helped someone find a vaccine. 
  • Find a new date for our girls trip - yes


That's it for me! How did you do with your March goals? Are you happy with your progress?


  1. Kudos to you on all of your accomplishments, especially getting the grocery budget under control. I'm still wrangling with that. Given the beautiful weather, I'm way ahead on spring garden goals, and now that I limit my exposure to political news, I no longer swear... except for that one afternoon that I spent wrestling with rolls of chicken wire. Never again. Our activities are also picking up and I realize I need to build up my social stamina after being inside and not seeing as many people over the last year.

  2. Wow, you did very well.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I love it when I get new people visiting.

    God bless.