Sunday, October 2, 2022

October Goals

 I'm trying to get back to posting these at the *start* of the month, vs somewhere in the middle. ;-) 

Here are my goals for October.


  • Stick to our budget
  • Progress towards side hustle goals
  • Continue work on plan & budget for when I leave work
  • Go through eBay inventory. Donate, update listings, etc.
  • Stick to our budget while on vacation
  • One activity with the kids
  • Help Nick with learning to drive
  • Help Sam with driving practice, take him for test
  • Have two dates with M
  • Connect with M's family
  • Continue 2023 travel planning
  • Post weekly fitness summaries
  • Match September's calories burned
  • Close rings 25 days
  • Take advantage of workout classes
  • Meditate 5x
  • Lose 2 lbs


  • Do something social with friends
  • Continue volunteer roles
  • More thinking on "post career work" life/goals

What about you? Do you have any goals for October?


  1. Daughter is due, very high risk pregnancy,’so my only concern this month is that both baby and mom survive and are healthy. Everything else pales in comparison so I guess my only other goal is to maintain elsewhere this month. Sometimes we just have to go with the flow of life. Cindy in the South

    1. Oh,Cindy. My thoughts are with you and her. That is scary.

    2. I'm not sure I can make goals. With trying to support a family member having a particularly hard time right now with their mental health, work stress for both my husband and myself, my focus will be on just having positive day to day moments. I'm pleased they got into a therapist for Tuesday. I guess my goal is to stay positive despite the stress. ( And maybe lose five pounds.)

    3. Cindy: wishing all the best for your daughter and grandbaby!

    4. Cindy, sending you & your family lots of good thoughts!

    5. Sam, I think some months are just about keeping a positive mind set, or getting in the bits & pieces of joy that you can, when you are helping someone else, or just experiencing challenges of your own.

  2. October looks like it's going to be a busy month too, so: maintaining our finances without big spikes, making it to all of JB's new classes without having that derail work and home life, everyone gets fed and rested, figure out what I need to get into in therapy to help my pain.

    1. We're thinking of booking travel, which is crazy pricey right now. I'm definitely envisioning some financial spikes, but am hoping to minimize.

      Hope you are able to get some help for your pain!