Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Workout Wednesday

Three days in a row of Orange Theory (an intense workout class that includes: treadmill, rowing & strength exercises) was quite hard! I'm happy I've built up to being able to do 5 days of hard workouts. 

Workouts for the week

  • Monday - 90 minutes of elliptical
  • Tuesday - spinning + 1.5 mile walk
  • Wednesday - spinning + 2 mile walk
  • Thursday - 90 minutes of elliptical
  • Friday - Orange Theory
  • Saturday - Orange Theory
  • Sunday - Orange Theory

Eating - I've been tracking my calories again & making some progress. It's work, but it definitely helps me be more aware of what I'm eating.

Lowlights - we went on a date (lovely!) & I had dessert after. It wasn't really needed, and M doesn't eat dessert, so I'm the only one what ate it. A few bites would have been more than enough, but... ate it all!

Highlights - lots of good workouts, generally good eating.

Focus for the week ahead - keep up the healthy eating & workout momentum. 

What about you? How are you doing with your health?


  1. I'm not doing intermittent fasting because with the dog,it's been chaotic. But, I've easily doubled my steps walking the dogs. I've been remiss with strength exercises though.

    1. It's so great that you are getting in a lot of walking with the dogs!

  2. That Orange Theory class does sound hard! Kudos to you for keeping up with your exercise!

    1. I've realized how motivated I am, in a group class setting. I really do work a lot harder than I do on my own. :-)

  3. You are doing so very well.

    God bless.