Sunday, October 16, 2022

Sunday things

Yesterday was a really nice day. It was also unusual, as we didn't have any soccer games to attend. I'd planned on taking Sam to his game, which is about a 3.5 hour commitment. But, due to the PSATs, and a variety of kids being unavailable, they switched up a few rosters, and Sam needed to be in the city for a game. I sent him with a friend (her son plays on the team Sam was subbing for), so I could pick Nick up at the PSATs. Nick didn't have a game, because of the PSATs.

Nick did manage to complete his tennis volunteering (he teaches tennis to young kids), & squeezed in a tennis game with a friend. Plus, completed his concussion protocol, which is required for him to try out for school soccer. That was on the list forever, so glad to mark that off. He reports that the math portion of the PSATs was "easy" for him, but the verbal section was quite difficult. He is my child who is not a reader, which I can't wrap my head around. Reading is my absolute favorite hobby, and I can't imagine my life without it. Sam, on the other hand, loves reading. We'll see how he did, once the scores come in.

On to today:

  • Wake Nick up for a reffing game. I think Sam will be able to drive him.
  • Go to a workout class. 
  • Make chicken curry for dinner
  • Pack everything but my "last minute" items for Hawaii. Since I don't typically wear the clothes I'll wear in Hawaii, most things can be packed early.
  • Do a homework check with both boys. They have tomorrow off from school, so it's always useful to understand what they should be working on, in advance.
  • Speaking of reading, clean up my Kindle, and download lots of new books for our trip. (I have Kindle Unlimited, which has proven to be a huge win for me. I'd normally recommend the library, but our local library has very few books - digital or otherwise, & I read 5ish books/week & just couldn't find enough content.)
  •  Laundry, clean up the raised bed, pick up the house, water the plants & all of the normal chores.
What about you? How are you spending your Sunday?


  1. Five books a week? Wow! I'm closing in on 40, but for the whole year, lol.

    To be fair to myself, though, the majority of my free time is spent on outdoor activities, such as today. I read just now for 30 minutes, but am now headed out for a hike that will likely consume a good five hours all told.

    Are you loving that one sibling can now drive the other sibling on occasion? I remember how great that was during my girls hectic high school years. šŸ™‚

    I hope you and M. have a fabulous time in Hawaii!

    1. I'd rather be outdoors, but often I'm sitting somewhere, waiting for one of the kids. :-) There are a few places where walking outdoors isn't a good option, so reading is the safer bet.

      I'm loving having more help with the driving!!

      Thank you. We are super excited to have the time together.

    2. - Tamara R. (Google no longer recognizes me here, and I often forget to sign off, sorry! )

  2. Oh the countdown for vacation! I love the feeling. Wishing you a safe and wonderful trip in Hawaii! He huakaŹ»i maikaŹ»i!

  3. Have a fantastic time in Hawaii!!!! Cindy in the South

  4. Have a wonderful vacation. Now I need to ask with Kindle Unlimited when you download a book do you get to keep it forever? I am thinking of doing the Kobo Unlimited but if you can only keep the book for a month, what if you want to read it again (I do that often) and it disappears at the end of the month?

    God bless.

  5. Reading is one of my favorite things to do and read every day. My daughter is a reader too. Her teachers at school loved her as when she was finished with her work she would get a book out and read.