Friday, April 9, 2021

Frugal Friday

 It was a relatively quiet frugal week. Here's what we were up to. 

Saving on things we buy

  • Bought Sam lunch after a soccer game, and used a $2 reward at Subway
  • Used $7 of rewards for the grocery store to buy berries & a few other Easter items. Also picked up the Friday Freebie (Vitamin Water), which one of the kids must have enjoyed before it even got home. 
  • Uploaded all of our receipts to Fetch & saved $.20 on the purchase above via iBotta.

Earning money

  • Ebay & other sales
    • Two makeup samples
    • Two books
    • Our old gaming system
    • A box of books & an old iPod to Decluttr (it's an app)
  • Redeemed 2200 Swagbucks for a $25 Amazon gift card

Avoiding spending

  • I couldn't find a spring form baking pan over the weekend, so borrowed one from a neighbor to make a cheesecake for Easter

Eating what we have

  • Used grilled chicken (freezer) to make a few quick dinners
  • Added bananas from the freezer to muffins to make M gluten free muffins, that also had no sugar. I personally am not a fan, but he's enjoying them
  • I needed to thin radishes that were planted too close together, and a few of them were big enough to use on a salad. Also, picked one lonely cherry tomato off of a plant that's still hanging on from last season. 

For others

  • Continued volunteer work
  • Did some research on Medicare scams, as unfortunately, my disabled aunt was caught up in a scam. I'm trying to help my mom sort out best way to move forward in a really challenging situation.

That's all for us. What about you? What frugal wins did you have this week? 


  1. You had some nice frugal wins this week.
    I am sorry to hear about your aunt. There should be a special place in Hell reserved for the scam artists out there.

  2. My blood boils when I hear about people, the vulnerable in particular, scammed. It is the lowest of the low as it hurts the people that need the most help, and specifically targets them. You had some good wins!

  3. Good idea to borrow a spring form pan from your neighbor to avoid spending money on one. I've had someone ask to borrow mine too. I'm sorry your aunt was caught up in a Medicare scam and hope you can help your Mom out with her issue.

  4. You can find spring form pans at second hand stores all the time.