Friday, July 15, 2022

Frugal Friday

Now, I have COVID, so I'm staying home & trying to rest. Some of these things were done before I was sick. 

Saving on things we buy

  • I used some rewards to offset the cost of an item for Sam, and added in an inexpensive shirt, to qualify for free shipping. The shirt itself was "free" vs paying for shipping. 
  • Converted $37 of loose change into an Amazon gift card. Change was found while cleaning out the boys room. They both owed me a bit of money, so this offset that, much to their delight, since I did most of the work ;-) 
  • Used an iBotta offer for popsicles, when I wasn't feeling well
  • Used a grocery store gift card to pick up a few things we needed here & there

Earning money

  • Continued listing things on eBay, & sold two makeup sample bags & one of M's shirts
  • Finally had enough points in Fetch to redeem for a $10 Amazon gift card, so now have that added to my account

Avoiding spending

  • Picked up the Friday Freebie (a 1.5 liter of sparkling water) at the grocery store
  • Used flight credit to buy flights for my parents in October (they are coming to watch the kids while we are on a trip for our anniversary)
  • Used a gift card to have lunch delivered on Tuesday, when I had a high fever. It was a splurge that I very much appreciated. The soup totally hit the spot.
  • Also used a gift card for M to pick up dinner one night, when I couldn't cook. It's a double win, because I'm also trying to work through the gift card stash, & we have lots of leftovers.   

Eating what we have

  • Ate leftovers for lunch (the chicken curry rice dish was so fabulous as leftovers)
  • Made grilled zucchini out of garden zucchini
  • Used applesauce (from the freezer, since last fall) to replace a missing ingredient in muffins. That muffin recipe also used up 1/2 a bag of frozen cranberries.
  • Ate a burger that had been in the freezer for quite some time. 
  • Lots of garden items, still being used: lemons, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, basil, mint, etc. 
For others

  • Invested a lot of time in my leadership course. Once that's complete, I can serve on a non-profit advisory board for a university. On the positive side, I was able to use some of my sick days to listen to some of the content, and I made really good progress. 
  • Gave away a bunch of stuff on Buy Nothing (8 bags of things on the porch!)
What about you? Any wins to share?


  1. Oh boy, I feel your pain. And I'm sooo sorry! I picked up COVID somewhere on our return flight from Europe, and it wasn't fun, but it certainly wasn't horrible. We'd received our second boosters just before leaving on our trip, so I'm hopeful that helped minimize the symptoms.

    I'm now in the clear after two negative tests in a row, but still feeling the fatigue, so I hope you are able to rest, rest, rest. I suspect your body will dictate you do so, regardless. Are you taking Paxlovid? It helped, but that metallic mouth thing is pretty nasty.

    1. I slept for 10 hours today (first day I didn't need an alarm), and have been pretty exhausted all week. I did just get Paxlovid yesterday - there was some back & forth with my doctor, given potential complications with my medical history, but she decided it was still a good tradeoff. Oh, and the metallic taste is awful!

      Hope you feel better & get your energy back as well!

  2. - Oops, this is Tamara R

  3. I am sorry you are sick. I understand this new variant of covid transmits easier than any of the others thus far. Great!
    Hope you feel much better sooner rather than later.

    1. I know so, so many people who have it right now. It's wild.

      Thank you. I got a lot of sleep yesterday (it's like a jet lag day), & M has picked up almost all of the work. I've been relaxing a lot.

  4. I am sorry. Crap! I think we will all get it. I love that you found change in the kids room and kept it. I know I always did:) Get well.

    1. Nick came home from camp & immediately asked about his change. Now, I tossed 6 bags of junk from his room, so how he could possibly know that the change was gone is a mystery!

  5. I'm so sorry. Since you're blogging, I hope that means your on the mend. I hope M and Nick are well. Though, is M still in his window of three months since he had it? You had some good frugal wins. I like the change for gift card win.

    1. M had COVID at the holidays, so it's been more than six months, but he's fine, & the boys are also well. I was pretty sick earlier in the week with a fever, but now am in the exhuasted/head cold/cough phase. I'll take that over the fever. I also have lost my sense of taste/smell, which is kind of weird, but not problematic.

  6. I have heard of so many people who have COVID now; this new variant must be more contagious. It seems to be spreading quickly. I hope you feel better soon!

    1. Same! I know so, so many people who have it right now! Thank you for the well wishes.

  7. Ugg, I am sorry that you are sick. After so long not catching Covid I know it is a disappointment to have come down with the virus. Keeping my fingers crossed that we can still manage to stay clear of it. Hope you are better very soon.

    God bless.

    1. I have my fingers crossed that you avoid it as well! It's certainly no fun.