Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Workout Roundup

 I'm experimenting with a new type of post, that's more fitness related. Mostly for my own purposes, but maybe it will be helpful for others as well. I'll probably tweak the format here & there, but here goes. I get into a real rut with my workouts, so this helps

Workouts for the week:

  • Monday - 90 minutes of elliptical
  • Tuesday - 90 minutes of elliptical + 60 minute yoga class
  • Wednesday - 20 minutes on the treadmill + 60 minute spin class
  • Thursday - 90 minutes of elliptical
  • Friday - 5 mile run. My first run in a long time. The consistency of my other workouts must be paying off, because it was a really great run, and much longer than I'd normally be able to go, on a first run out. 
  • Saturday - 60 minute Orange Theory class (combination of strength, rowing & running)
  • Sunday - 100 minutes of elliptical 


I don't do well coming back from vacation. I'm usually in a bit of a funk, & eat like I'm still on vacation for at least 1-2 days. I used to also not work out, but I've broken that bad habit. I did, however, eat ice cream & had some brownies & other junk. My body doesn't appreciate it, and my clothes feel tight, particularly after a week of vacation eating.


  • Snacking in the evening
  • Not as many vegetables/fruit as I would like


  • My 5 mile run
  • A decent mix of workouts, throughout the week
  • Hitting my workout goals (cardio minutes, calories burned, & standing) all week

Things I want to focus on next week

I want to run more, and get back to balanced eating. 

And, for my June summary, I had 62 workouts (some are just short walks), for a total of 56 hours of working out, burning 17,127 calories. 

What about you? Any health or fitness goals you want to share, or are working on?


  1. You're inspiring! I've been only doing 30 minute elliptical workouts; I need to set it up. Do you do the full 90 minutes in one session or do you split it into 2 workouts a day?

    1. Ha, thanks! I typically try to do it all at once. I watch a show, or read, or sometimes work (watch a recorded meeting, etc). I really have to shower after a workout, or I break out, so if I split it up, it means more laundry! I definitely do that if I don't have time, but try to just allow enough time for a longer morning workout.

  2. Wow , you are killing the workout! I try to walk an hour a day. To be real, it usually ends up being three to four days a week. That is all. Cindy in the South

    1. That's more consistent than most people! You're doing great. Maybe consider adding in strength 1-2 days/week. I sometimes just queue up two songs on my phone, and do squats, push ups, sit ups & the like. Even that is a good change up from cardio.

  3. I’m impressed! I just limit my carbs which is easier for me. Love your blog.

    1. Thank you! My husband eats Keto (food allergy), so many meals are low carb. It actually makes me feel better to eat that way, but I definitely have some carbs in there.

  4. This time of year I really do enjoy swimming laps. It is the coolest exercise I can get on these hot humid days.

    1. Our pool is not set up for lap swimming, but that sounds so lovely!

  5. My fitness goal--to find some exercise I can actually do.

    1. I hope you're able to find something! Have you done much research?