Monday, July 11, 2022

Menu Plan Monday

We're largely back in action, with Nick at a sleepaway camp & the rest of us back in the swing of things & all working, with Sam starting up club soccer again. As a result, the menu reflects our schedule(s).

  • Friday - grilled chicken sausages + grilled zucchini
  • Saturday - grilled chicken, with watermelon/feta/blueberry salad
  • Sunday - burgers + caprese salad
  • Monday - orange chicken + rice
  • Tuesday - leftover grilled chicken + caprese
  • Wednesday - burgers + grilled zucchini
  • Thursday - leftover orange chicken + rice
  • Friday - TBD. Maybe pizza, or whatever Nick requests, as we're picking him up at camp. 
What about you? What's on your menu for the week? Any good recipes to share? I included links in other posts, but I've tried a few recipes I really liked lately:


  1. I just saw a orange chicken recipe with bbq, orange marmalade, and soy. I might give it a go. Your meal plan sounds so fresh.

    1. This is the recipe I tend to use.

      We have so much fresh food, we're trying to use everything up! The grilled zucchini was amazing, and I'm happy to have another use for it, because our plant tends to produce a lot.

  2. Grandkids are here and I am not even sure where I am right now.!!!!

  3. Just trying to use up leftovers this week with some hotdogs thrown in for good measure. Your menu looks great.

    God bless.