Monday, July 25, 2022

Menu Plan Monday

 Another week, another menu plan! I'm in a bit of a cooking rut, so let's see if I can force my way out of it. ;) 

  • Friday - gyozos & wings
  • Saturday - adults out to dinner, kids = pizza 
  • Sunday - chicken curry & rice
  • Monday - chicken fajitas
  • Tuesday - leftover curry & rice
  • Wednesday - leftover fajitas
  • Thursday - clean out the fridge, or enchiladas
  • Friday - traveling 
What about you? What's on your menu this week? 


  1. I hear you there. If I had your veg access, it'd be salads and some sort of protein and not even bother thinking.

    1. The boys need carbs of some sort, which is the only wrinkle. M & I would be completely satisfied with salads topped with protein. Nick has been playing 6+ hours of tennis a day, and sometimes soccer. He doesn't like to eat because it's hot, and they are on the courts all day. When he gets home... bring on the food!

  2. We have so many peppers from garden so I do believe everything will have peppers, which by the way do bother my stomach some.

    1. We have fewer peppers this year, but way more tomatoes. I love tomatoes, so it's a good tradeoff!

  3. Like you I would be completely happy with a salad and a protein. Harvey however needs his carbs. Your menu sounds lovely.

    God bless.