Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Workout Roundup

This is the week that I got COVID, so things look a little different, to say the least. 

Workouts for the week:

  • Monday - 95 minute elliptical workout
  • Tuesday - I had a high fever, so I didn't work out, breaking my 249 day streak! I was pretty sad about it, but always best to listen to your body. 
  • Wednesday - same at Tuesday, but add in a cough
  • Thursday - went for an incredibly slow 25 minute walk to the mailbox. 
  • Friday - 20 minute elliptical, at a very low pace, which I regretted
  • Saturday - walk around the block
  • Sunday - 3.5 mile slow walk

My eating was all over the place, and under my goal calories. I had lots of popsicles & Gatorade. Smoothies, soup, etc. The first day I started the Paxlovid, it bothered my stomach, so I ate a lot of crackers throughout the day. Altogether, eating was a wash & I'm not worried about it. 

The obvious - getting COVID & being sick.

I feel lucky that I'm still healthy, and so far *fingers crossed*, COVID hasn't triggered a lupus flare. I'm also feeling like I've turned the corner & am getting better, which I'm very grateful for. 

Things I want to focus on this week:
Getting my energy back, plenty of rest, etc. 

How about you? How are you doing with your fitness goals?


  1. I did worry about a flare up, with your immune system compromised
    You did well exercising but listening to your body. I hope you're truly well now.

    1. The medicine definitely helped, and I'm feeling better every day. I still notice a small amount of fatigue, and a cough that pops up pretty intermittently, but otherwise, I'm good.

  2. I do hope that your recovery continues without problems. So far we have avoided infection but that means keeping ourselves in virtual isolation. Roderick

    1. It's a hard tradeoff for sure. Hope you keep staying healthy & safe!

  3. I am worried if you exercise hard and have covid it will trigger a flare. When I over do a set of muscles and they get sore and have inflammation it triggers a flare in me, so be careful. I know it is hard, as I am also a goer, but I have just learned the hard way so many times. Don't make me come over there and bench you.

    1. Don't bench me, Coach! ;-) This is very low key exercise for me. Even this week, I'm about 1/3 to 1/2 of my normal workouts. I'm taking it pretty slow.

  4. Listening to your body is always best. You needed to rest and take things slow.

    God bless.

    1. I'm definitely going slow, & trying to get back a bit at a time. No need to rush, & get sick again!

  5. You poor thing, it sounds like COVID really walloped you. The fatigue is unreal, isn't it? Although it seems no two people go through it quite the same, it may help to hear that on my Day 8 (Day 0 being start of symptoms, Day 5 being when I got my first completely clean post-COVID negative test result) I was able to start running again. Today is my Day 10 and I feel 100% returned to normal.

    Again, under 'who knows why' my incredibly fit athlete daughter got it on the same day I did, was sick as a dog with fever, cough, and fatigue (I really only experienced fatigue and a slight cough) and as of Day 10 is still testing positive, and still caughing badly, though she said the positive testing line is now very faint.

    Such a baffling virus.

    Tamara R

    1. It's so strange. Everyone I know has had totally different reactions & symptoms. I'm now negative, and hoping that I can potentially get back to "real" workouts next week. Fingers crossed. Hope your daughter is feeling better!