Tuesday, July 5, 2022

June Goals Recap

 June flew by, with a lot of fun. My sister & I took my mom to Hawaii for an early 70th birthday celebration, & M & I did two mini trips. Nick & Sam wrapped up school, Sam started his job, and Nick enjoyed tennis camp. Then the kids headed to my parents for "Papa camp" + Disneyland, and more fun was had. It's been quiet at our house, & we've missed them!

Here's how I did with our goals for the month.


  • Stick to our budget - we're well over in some categories, such as "Boys", and food. For the boys category, we weren't expecting to need many summer camps this year, but Nick requested to attend tennis camps. The ones geared for his age group are pretty expensive. Food, well, it's expensive. 
  • Have a great time in Hawaii, while sticking to a reasonable budget - we did well here. It was a great trip, and we made smart tradeoffs on where to spend our money. 
  • Finalize long term budget/FIRE plan - My plan is to basically save as much money as possible by March of 2023, & see where that gets me. The biggest factor is our stock price, which is a huge part of my overall compensation. 
  • Progress toward $1500 side hustle goal, gift card & Fetch/iBotta goals - I didn't make any progress on my side hustle goals this month. 
  • List or donate remaining eBay inventory - actually, I added a few things, but need to go through & pull everything that doesn't appear like it will sell, and donate it. 

  • Plan one fun activity with the kids - we went out for boba a couple times, as well as did a family dinner & a bowling day
  • Manager summer schedule - there were a lot of moving parts, but we made it happen!
  • Have two dates with M - we crushed this one, with two weekend getaways, and a bunch of impromptu dates while the kids were gone
  • Have a call with M's family - we filled in with videos instead. 


  • Decide on some updates to my eating habits. Move away from calorie counting, and go with something easier to manage. Focus on eating well, and dropping a few pounds. - I struggled with balancing my eating in June, & have more work to do here. 
  • Close rings daily - yes
  • Lose 4 lbs - definitely no
  • Sign up for new fitness classes - yes, and I'm enjoying the mix of workouts!
  • 4 strength & 4 stretching workouts - I got in 56 hours of working out in June, & burned 17,127 calories! I'm feeling excited by the tracking, & want to push myself in July. 
  • Meditate 5x - No, & I'd like to get back into this


  • Do something social with friends - I worked out a few times with friends
  • Finish volunteer commitment for girls in tech org - done
  • Continue working on post work plan & options - I agreed to serve on a college advisory board, and am taking an executive leadership class as part of that. Looking forward to trying that out!
  • Some sort of personal writing - I'm not feeling this right now, and will likely drop it, moving forward. Maybe I'll be re-motivated at another point? 
That's it from my side. How did you all do on your June goals? Any progress to share? 


  1. I guess if everything was green, you'd just be stating what is possible and not setting goals to push. Yet, you've got a lot of green to cheer.

    1. I always like to push myself, although some months I definitely have a mix of reds, yellows & greens! I can see where consistency pays off & it's a good reminder of how toinvest my time.

  2. How is Sam doing with Covid19? What bummer for you! Roderick

    1. He's wavering between enjoying all the time gaming alone in his room (which, he doesn't usually get), and being bored. He's feeling physically okay - kind of like he has a bad cold.

  3. You did wonderful! I flew to see grandchild. Those of you who fly a lot for work, I do not see how you do it. It was kind of a nightmare, but I am glad I went of course. The airport/flying part was not very pleasant. Cindy in the South

    1. I definitely am not a fan of traveling, but do it regularly. We travel to see my parents/sister several times a year, vacations, & then of course... work. Traveling feels like it's gotten way less fun over the past few years as well! Glad you had a chance to see your grandchild!

  4. Even if you reach FI, but elect to keep working, I think you'll be amazed at what a difference it will make mentally. Knowing you are now choosing to work because you want, not have to, is such a game changer.

    Re: weight loss. I don't like it necessarily, but I do have to say that when I eat less, I lose weight. I heard someone say once that keeping weight off as we age is about 'embracing hunger.' It made me laugh at the time, but oh boy do I get it now as I approach 60 this year!

    - Tamara R

    1. I'm pretty much there, and am currently working so we can maintain some of the "extras" that we really enjoy. Even that shift from "we need this money to cover the bills", to knowing that it's going towards extras when I FIRE is such a helpful mindshift!

      It's definitely eating for me. I'm doing great with consistent working out - better than I ever have in my life. We have way too many tempting foods in our house, thanks to the teens. I need to figure out new strategies, because not keeping things in the house is a pretty big tradeoff, with the way the kids eat. There is always someone eating ice cream, or snacking on something, & that just triggers my desire to eat something as well. I like your approach. Even though embracing hunger doesn't sound very fun, I think knowing your body & being comfortable sometimes feeling hungry (before a meal, etc) is totally normally, & how our systems are designed to work.