Tuesday, September 13, 2022

A belated workout roundup

I didn't get this posted last week, as I was traveling. Here's what I've been up to!

I had to wear a mask in a non-air conditioned gym in Tokyo, which was quite challenging, & part of why you'll see such a string of elliptical workouts. I found that running on the treadmill with the mask on was just too much. 

Workouts for the week

  • Monday (8/22) - one hour of elliptical
  • Tuesday (8/23) - 1.25 mile walk + spin class
  • Wednesday (8/24) - 75 minutes of elliptical
  • Thursday (8/25) - one mile run + spin class
  • Friday (8/26) - one hour of elliptical, plus 1.5 mile walk
  • Saturday (8/27) - Orange Theory class
  • Sunday (8/28) - one hour of elliptical, before my flight
  • Monday (8/29) - one hour of elliptical
  • Tuesday (8/30) - one hour of elliptical, plus a mile walk to dinner
  • Wednesday (8/31) - one hour of elliptical, plus a mile walk to dinner
  • Thursday (9/1) - one hour of elliptical
  • Friday (9/2) - a long, but slow walk through Tokyo & a garden area
  • Saturday (9/3) - one hour of begrudging, jetlagged elliptical
  • Sunday (9/4) - a very hard Orange Theory class


  • Work has been a challenge, so I've snacked more than usual. I did pretty well on my work trip, making my meals most healthy. I did have a small piece of chocolate when I arrived at the hotel on Monday evening, as I had a terrible migraine from the flight, & wearing the mask for so long. Otherwise, I'd describe my eating as "fair". I did, however, have a cocktail most nights at the dinners, and the calories on those add up quickly. 


  • When I'm jetlagged, everything just sort of is harder. Workouts, getting up early, making smart eating choices, etc. When I'm really tired, caffeine & sugar is what I crave. 


  • Consistently working out, despite the jet lag, and making it happen at the gym in Tokyo, even though it was really hot, I needed an appointment every morning, & I had to wear a mask. It would have been easy to give up & say it was too much hassle (it really was), but I did it anyway. 

Focus for the week ahead

  • Continue to trim back the calories & unnecessary snacks

What about you? How have you been doing with your health?


  1. I know that I caused a bad sinus infection because I worked all day hard a food bank wearing a mask. So be careful. I too crave chocolate when I am over tired or stressed. When I read your workout schedule, I get jealous as I cannot do that anymore. But I can walk for miles.

    1. Walking is so good for your body! And yes, wearing the mask all day, on the flight, in the office, etc, especially with the air pressure on the flight. It was miserable. I had a soda, which I never do, to try & get some caffeine in & help. I woke up one of my coworkers, because I was so desperate for Tylenol. Luckily, she's a sweetie, and forgave me. ;-)

  2. I say a piece of chocolate is fair exchange. I find when zi have a really bad one, a little choclate with caffeine does better than any medication. I wish zi could walk longer, but I try fitting in multiple to help.

    1. I find the same. Chocolate + a soda are usually the ticket for me. It's great you're finding ways could get in more steps with several shorter walks!

  3. I’ve been lifting small weights for exercise lately. You did a great job of maintaining an exercise workout despite the jet lag. Kudos to you.

    1. Great job on the weight lifting! It's so important as we age. I like cardio better than strength training, so really have to push myself to make it happen.