Saturday, September 10, 2022

Saturday Happenings

I'm so happy that it's cooled off a bit. It's still supposed to be 85 or so today, but such an improvement over the 108+ we've been having. 

I got up this morning & squeezed in a workout, but it was shorter than I'd hoped, as I slept in. Definitely still adjusting to jet lag, and getting up at 6 during the work week meant I was operating with a bit of a sleep deficit. It was such a treat not to set the alarm this morning. 

Sam drove Nick (I supervised, from the passenger side) to a reffing game, then we picked him up, & dropped him off at a tennis match. Nick is at the age where he is just never home. Sam & I stopped & got Subway for an early lunch, as neither of us had eaten. I used a gift card, so no out of pocket spending, at least.

Other things for today:

  • Pick tomatillos
  • Pick up Sam's friend, take them both to a soccer game
  • Attend two back to back soccer games (total of 5 hours, with warmups & all)
  • M is taking Nick to & from the volunteer tennis lessons he teaches
  • Nick has his own evening tennis game, but M will drive back & forth, as I'll come home & make dinner
  • Dinner will be easy, due to all of the soccer. I'm going to make Trader Joes orange chicken & fried rice. Sometimes, you just need an easy win.
What are you up to today? Hope everyone is doing well, and staying cool!


  1. I'm glad you're giving yourself a dinner break. Do you need two bags with your boys? I remember the endless activity years. I wish you luck getting tested up.

    1. Of course we need two bags! Nick actually doesn't like it, so he has a chicken patty sandwich, while the rest of us eat the orange chicken. I had enough leftover (with two bags) for one small lunch serving. Sam adores this dinner, and after playing back to back soccer games, can really put away the food.

  2. Really lax today. I slept in which really put me off. Hopefully I will get the beans snipped and ready for the freezer yet today.

    God bless.

    1. A relaxing day sounds perfect! Hope you were productive with the beans.

  3. We had a break yesterday after a whirlwind of activities Thursday and Friday. Still had plenty to do, but not as hectic.

    1. Glad you got a chance for a break! We all need those slower days.