Monday, September 5, 2022

Menu Plan Monday

 I'm not overly enthusiastic for cooking, with the jet lag & all, so our menu for the week will involve both a lot of M cooking, as well as some easy choice. 

  • Friday - we got takeout Greek food
  • Saturday - barbecued chicken & roasted potatoes
  • Sunday - hot dogs & potato salad
  • Monday - tacos
  • Tuesday - homemade pizzas
  • Wednesday - leftover chicken & potatoes
  • Thursday - leftover hot dogs & potato salad
  • Friday - taco quesadillas
What about you? What's on your menu this week?


  1. Last week I made a successful impromptu chicken and cheese taquitos. I am swimming in tortillas, and odds and end leftovers including stuff for more of them. I didn't really plan, but hope to not shop much and do a reset this weekend.

  2. Mine will consist of using up things I over cooked while Kris was visiting. Still that is almost as good as eating out in my mind.

    God bless.