Friday, September 16, 2022

Frugal Friday


Saving on things we buy

  • I'm not sure how this will actually play out, but I was able to achieve the top airline status on my most recent work flight. It's estimated value is quite high, but since I don't plan to do any more business travel, I'd need to use this perk for personal trips. If nothing else, if we plan a ski trip, we will likely use this airline, as we get six free checked bags! That's a huge advantage for a ski trip. I also have a bunch of free international and domestic upgrades available, and need to figure out how to best use those. 

Earning money

  • Nick reffed soccer games. He has all kinds of ideas on how to make money, & I like that he doesn't mind hustling. Sam was content to work full time for five weeks in the summer (and, overtime hours), & then slowly use the money during the year. Different strokes/folks, I suppose. :-) 

Avoiding spending

  • We avoided a big grocery shop this week, as M was out of town for a few days & we kept things simple on the meal front. 

Eating what we have

  • We did a good job of eating through leftovers during the week, which always makes me happy.
  • I made a sandwich wrap out of a bunch of random fridge items: a garden tomato, a piece of provolone (leftover from a long ago meal), a tortilla from taco night, leftover grilled chicken, and a small container of a sauce from takeout Greek food. Winner, winner. 
  • I added eggs to leftover fried rice, and had a delicious & cost effective dinner. 
  • We finished off a bag of chicken from the freezer.
  • The boys ate some remaining pool party pizza (freezer). 

For others

  • We carpooled, helped others with some logistics, and I kicked off a new mentoring program at work. This program is intentionally designed to provide more support when someone just joins the company, so my departure date won't interfere. 
What about you? Any wins to share?


  1. The airline miles/ points is terrific and well deserved. I'm sorry M had to be gone, but changing your meal patterns to avoid waste was a good win. DH found a $2 bill I missed from a survey in a pile of mail. That was nice. He used a coupon to get a free sub with a $3 donation, and it was a huge sandwich.

  2. With all your travel you must get terrific points. Good for you! I know I really like mine!