Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The pandemic birthday

Today is Nick's 13th birthday. And, while it is most certainly nothing like the birthday he envisioned (school, a soccer game with friends followed by Mom bringing cupcakes), we will all get through. We gave him his gift early, so he could practice his new guitar this weekend. He was thrilled.

We'd scaled down our plans to go out to eat. Now that's not possible as well, so we will do takeout from the same restaurant. Helps to support our local small business, and is in accordance with our new "shelter in place" rules.

Yesterday's "schedule" was a modest success. I made it through most of my early EMEA call before I got a call from Sam that Nick had fallen during "P.E." at the park, and needed a ride home. I left the call & found Nick at the park, bleeding and having ripped his only pants without a hole. Because, of course. ;-) He's fine, just a scraped knee, but didn't want to bike home bleeding, which is reasonable.

It was a very long work day, and one I don't plan to repeat. I've been pretty aggressive with my calendar management, but this week is a week where we have quite a few performance prep meetings, which need to continue, as they are arranged around 20+ peoples' schedules. Additionally, we are doing check ins with each of our regional teams, which are both not time zone friendly, as well as something we have to kick off this week.

My employer continues to be amazing, and trying to be as flexible as possible.

Also, thanks to Kim, I got myself off of the sofa after a long day, and cleaned out one of our cupboards. (The tea cup in the picture is one I was using during the clean out. It doesn't normally stay in the cupboard.) Before & after!

It could still use some work, but I give it a reasonable pass. 

Here's what we're doing today:
  • Juggling meetings & family stuff
  • I have a doctor's appointment with my rheumatologist, which will now be a phone call check in
  • Celebrating Nick's birthday
  • Going for walks outside (still allowed)
  • Getting dinner delivery
  • Meditating
  • Journaling
  • Doing at home work out DVD
  • Organizing one drawer in my kitchen
  • Making a video for my team (a fun, personal one)

What about you? How are you doing?


  1. Good for you that closet looks great. Don't you feel better. I can't imagine trying to conference with all those time zone changes.

    1. The closet definitely makes me feel better! Still plenty to do & keep me occupied.

  2. Kids, sweet sweet boys. Good thing short weather is here lol (or almost). We had intended to use our week off (originally the one we were going to Mexico - week of 30th) to do a staycation doing local things but now are mostly going to stay home. Painting the rest of the house is the top of the list which will be good because we both want that. I did notice yesterday when I opened a window that I've got the black sludge (the kind you cleaned from your Oregon place) around the bottoms of the windows that I need to take care of. Fortunately I've got some bleach to do that. I have the regular flu so the house is dirty so likely need to give it a good deep clean too. Great idea taking a before and after shot.

    1. Oooh, yes. I'm familiar with that sludge. Bleach worked well for us. Good luck with your staycation!

  3. Well, we here in Orange County are now in lockdown aalso as of 2:30 pm today. I am thankful we appear to still be allowed to go outside for recreation as well, but only with other household members if not by ourselves.

    We are doing daily Google hangouts with our granddaughter in order to read to her as she and her teacher mom are also home and staying in, and our reading fives mom a small break.

    Life is tough right now, no question, but there is still much to find joy in, and I am working hard to find it. I'll admit that sometimes, like today's lockdown news, it's tough. 😕

    1. I've been using a lot of Hangouts as well!

      I'm with you on everything you've said about the lockdown. Every day, my friends & I share a few things we're grateful for. There's plenty of negatives right now, so it helps us to remember what's good in our lives.