Monday, March 16, 2020

We have an elaborate plan for today

I start my day with EMEA calls at 7:30, and end with an APAC call at 5:30. I've combed through my calendar & removed all unnecessary meetings. Many of my coworkers are in similar situations, and we are all proactively accommodating schedule changes.

Here's how I'm handling today.

  • Created a huge wipe board with our meetings, so the kids can easily tell when a good time to interrupt would be. (M & I can already see that, as we have access to each other's work calendars.)
  • Created a schedule for the kids for today. It includes:
    • Soccer drills in the yard (their club sent a workout schedule & log, which I'm grateful for)
    • Reading blocks
    • Chore time
    • Math worksheets
    • Spanish practice
    • A running workout
    • Making Nick's birthday cake

Working from home for a single day with the kids is possible. . . doing it for an extended period of time will present many challenges. Nothing will get enough of our attention. But, we will make it happen. 

M is also signing up to volunteer for a huge effort at work with the virus. I've signed up for our neighborhood alias to help with delivery, donations, and supporting a gift certificate purchase effort for our local shops that will fail quickly without support (all are required to close). Helping our neighbors is really important right now.

And, for my mental health, I'm accepting less meetings than usual, and will somehow try to find time today for:
  • a five minute journal exercise
  • Meditation
  • Walks around the block (it's pouring buckets, so jackets & umbrellas required)
  • an actual lunch break (no eating on calls)
  • Hugs with the kids
I've been blessed that the kids have been really close for the past 12 years. Minimal bickering. Over the last couple of months, all of that has changed, and the boys are in a growing pains phase of Sam thinking he's too cool for Nick, and Nick being devastated. Really wish this phase could have held off for a few more months. :-(

We will get there! Meals are prepped for this evening, easy lunch options are available. I purchased my favorite sparkling water as a lunch time treat! 

What about you? How are you prepping for the week ahead?


  1. We are on our BCP plan since another country location is closed, things change by the hour and we may have to accept no more play with other kids on the street and get in our walks while outdoor spaces are open. Hubby is self employed with a food business, big question mark remains there as well. My job seems stable for a while.

    1. We've moved into "shelter in place", so all play dates are out. It's going to be so hard to keep the kids (and ourselves) away from everyone. Fingers crossed for your husband's job!

  2. I am glad to see you have things in order. During the day I am by myself so no worries about accommodating anyone else. For us the biggest deal will be not going out at night. We both get itchy for some entertainment, but it is not going to be happening. I think this might be a good time to try some new activities through Youtube tutorials.

    1. It was a plan... it worked out okay, but was not without challenges for sure!

      Nick learned to build a bike ramp (and then built one!) using a YouTube tutorial.

  3. State mandated all restaurants to close here, but curbside/takeout is allowed. I don't typically eat out, but there are one or two places my kids love which I might place an order in simply to help them weather this.
    Will your kids adhere to the schedule? Mine are at the age where they will either make good use of this time, or not--either way the results are theirs to deal with. Fortunately, the college is on break, and has only planned to extend spring break one week. All classes with the ability to do so will be online for the first week, and the projection is that by the second week of spring quarter, things will be back to a regular schedule. That's great, because my college freshman really dislikes the online forum. Ah well, this too shall pass.

    1. We are planning to order delivery for Nick's birthday today.

      I don't know what the schedule will look like, but I have a kid with ADHD, and being on the computer for him is a real challenge to stay focused anyway, so... we shall see.

  4. No still deciding if I can make myself do something.....Glad you are organized.

    1. The organization only goes so far, of course. I'd score yesterday as a modest win. It's going to get harder, for sure.