Friday, March 13, 2020

Two weeks of Frugal Friday

It's been wild & crazy times here. In the chaos of last week, I forgot to post a Frugal Friday, so here are two weeks worth:

Saving money on things we buy
  • I bought the kids sandwiches at Subway, using a BOGO deal. Subway is a rare treat for them, and they were thrilled
  • We purchased our planned travel for the rest of the year, thanks to sales & flexible travel (e.g. no fees for cancellation or changes). We often have to make changes due to work conflicts, so this has a potential for quite a bit of savings.
  • Sent multiple more rounds of emails to Lowes due to the door fiasco, and the promised "discount" never coming through. After including corporate (yet again), we received the discount - about $800.
Earning money
  • I've sold nothing as of late, so no earnings to report.
  • We did have a few people ask for dates for our vacation house, so that will likely end in earnings. 
Avoiding spending:
  • Brought wine to dinner for our date night. It was offset by the fact that we brought Sam with us & he ate a lot of food ;-)
  • Because we bought plenty of food the week before, last week we were able to keep our grocery shopping to around 1/3 of the normal amount. 
  • Made serious progress on our freezer cleaning (incorporating things into our meals). We used: a pesto chicken dish, brussel sprouts, butternut squash & plenty of frozen fruit. 
On the non-frugal side, we have no office setups at our house, and are both going to be working from home for a minimum of a month (likely longer). We invested in some office furniture, because we could not make our existing furniture work. 

Any frugal wins on your side?


  1. Well I've hardly left the house except groceries so didn't spend any money on anything else - other than our patio which was a planned purchase (should be done by end of today). Bought a few items to continue to stock up but mostly food, although I need to go get some gatoraide which they say is great if we do end up getting sick. We have mild colds which I am sure is not the big C since zero fever but we are still playing it safe. Glad we have a good medicine cabinet as had prepared for an earthquake so had extra santizer etc. although when that gets restocked I may pick up more. We decided until things quiet down due to hubby's asthma we will not be eating out nor will he go to the gym. I agreed to his weight set being moved to the living room until he can go back, not the greatest solution but the best at the moment. So so glad we have zero debt and the company is in good shape going into this crap since we seem to be losing contract after contract as companies put the breaks on everything. We have 1 years worth of contracts though and they are unlikely to get broken so not worrying about it.

    1. I'm with you on the gym set up. Even though not ideal, if it helps your husband stay fit during this super difficult time, sounds good to me.

      We have office stuff spread throughout our house (Sam's dresser as a stand up desk for a five hour call? Sure). It's not anywhere like what I want my house to typically be. But, right now, my house is our shared office, and the kids domain instead of school, so I need to be flexible on what we normally do.

      Fingers crossed you are all okay, and that the company stays in good shape. I'm so sorry to hear abut the contracts - that sounds really stressful. Hugs to you & your family.