Friday, December 30, 2022

Frugal Friday

 We did a very small grocery stop between trips, so there was a lot of eating out of the freezer. I'm always grateful for an opportunity to use what we have. Here's what we've been up to this week.

Saving on things we buy

  • I pre-booked airport parking, way back in November. Pre-booking saves 20-30%, and the lot was sold out for the holidays as it got closer. Parking at the airport is now around $30-40 cheaper than two round trip Uber rides, so parking there pays off. We drive the electric car, so no additional gas costs. 
  • Used a $1 off a bagged salad coupon, to offset the cost a bit. Costco was out of pretty much all veggies when we did a fill in shop, so we picked up a few bagged salads instead. Not our preferred way, but I'm trying to eat more veggies, post holiday!

Earning money

  • I sold a fire table for $30 

Avoiding spending

  • We packed snacks & water, and managed to avoid buying any food/drinks on our return flight home from my parents house. 
  • Nick & I were upgraded to first class on the outbound flight, & got free food & drinks, and premium economy (free drinks) on the way home. Our reservation had been split in two, to take advantage of a companion fare. Nick was the lucky winner who was attached to my reservation, as I had status. We would have traded off between the kids, but M & Sam were in the exit row, and Nick is not quite old enough to sit there yet. 

Eating what we have

  • My mom & I made several leftover meals, out of the holiday food. We had prime rib sliders for a second night (it was so delicious), & I wish I could have brought home my favorite soup that my dad made on Christmas night. Yum! I've tried to replicate his recipe, and can never quite get it. 
  • We were tempted to stop for lunch on the way home from the airport, as three of us hadn't eaten breakfast, and had trail mix and a few Christmas cookies (meal of champions) for the day. We waited until we got home, & I rustled up some chicken sandwiches & M made gyozos, for linner. 
  • Made pumpkin soup out of the pumpkins I got for free after Halloween, and roasted/pureed, & we had that for part of a dinner.
  • Ate chicken alfredo (freezer leftovers) for another meal, as well as chicken fajitas (yet another freezer leftover) for dinner.
  • I ate leftovers for all of my breakfast & lunches, to avoid any waste before we left for our ski trip.  

For others

  • Helped out a coworker, who was on vacation
What about you? Any wins to share for the week?


  1. I had no wins but also no upsets. It was a smooth sailing week here, which works for me.

  2. Of course we're in leftover mode too. Lucky you and Nick for the upgrade. I've got two pieces ham still in the fridge not frozen, do trying to think up a last use, maybe pasta salad since I have celery, onion, peas, and cheese. By Sunday, I'll have the have too eats gone!

    1. Nick pretended to not be impressed (you just have to be cool, at 15), but then took lots of pictures for his friends. ;-)

      Pasta salad sounds great!

  3. I was able to clean out the fridge so, that was my win. With my SIS and BIL unable to come tomorrow, I will have plenty of leftovers for next week. I am bummed about my sister's sickness. Hope, she recovers quickly.

  4. Sounds like a real good week for you. Nice to be upgraded to first class. We are back to eating healthier too now that Christmas has passed. I hope you have a blessed new year!