Thursday, December 1, 2022

November goals recap

 I enjoyed November a lot. It came on the heels of a fabulous anniversary vacation with M, but I also like our small Thanksgiving, the cooler weather & the feel of fall. 

Here's how we did with our goals!


  • Stick to our budget - we blew our budget out of the water by booking flights to Dubai, and planning a bunch of 2023 travel. But, we will adjust the rest of our travel accordingly to prioritize as much as possible. 
  • Progress towards side hustle goals - I did well with my side hustle goals, & earned $304, through a combination of efforts.  
  • Continue post work plan & budget - a little progress was made.
  • Go through eBay inventory - Nope
  • Give away 10 things on Buy Nothing - I think I gave away 20 items. 
  • One activity with the kids - we went mini golfing
  • Help Nick learn to drive - the practice driving continues
  • Two dates with M - I don't think we had any dates this month, but we are going to dinner on Friday, and shopping for the last couple of Christmas gifts
  • Connect with M's family - we sent pictures & videos
  • Continue 2023 travel planning - we've made good progress, but a few things are dependent upon the boys schedules (camps, jobs, etc) that aren't finalized yet.
  • Finalize holiday travel plans. - done!


  • Post weekly fitness summaries - done!
  • Match September's calories burned - I increased it by a lot, & ended with 21,658
  • Close rings 28 days - done!
  • Take advantage of workout classes - yes, still taking classes regularly
  • Meditate 5x - still no progress!
  • Lose 2 lbs - I didn't lose (or gain) anything this month. 
  • Do something social with friends -  met a friend for a hike
  • Continue to volunteer - volunteered at a food pantry
  • More thinking on "post career" plans - continued small steps here

What about you? How did you do with your November goals? Any wins to share?


  1. It's nice to end a month feeling like goals were met, and those not, are still good. November really was a fast month. It was stressful ,( work, puppys neutering and then low activity) but also good in other ways ( sister weekend, Thanksgiving, birthday). I hope your December is just what you want.

    1. I always like the look back, because sometimes, even when it feels like it wasn't a great month, you accomplished more than you thought.

  2. You made good progress even on the goals you feel you did not accomplish. Me, well still carrying over a few from November into this month.

    God bless.

    1. I'm definitely still carrying some forward for next month!

  3. From Precious: You did great!